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Re: new list of names for fedora grid project

Just a quick caveat:
We are putting these names out for feedback before passing them through trademark clearance. The #1 rule of naming is not to fall in love with anything before it clears, because that will undoubtedly be the name that is unavailable! So, please remember that some or even most of these names possibly / probably won't be available for use. But, your feedback helps us prioritize the names that we will submit for legal trademark search.


P.S. I'd be happy to explain the thinking / rationale behind any of these name ideas, if anyone has questions.

Bryan Che wrote:
Hi, thanks to John Adams for generating an updated list of potential names for the Fedora grid project. John's recommendations, in order, are:

Tier 1
1.  Powernap
2.  Nightlife
3.  Awaken

Tier 2
1.  PowerFarm
2.  Think Tank
3.  Slumber

Tier 3
1.  Siesta
2.  Underground
3.  Swarm

Attached is his full list.

Please reply by Friday 5/16 with +1/0/-1 votes on names, and I'll take the updated candidates to legal review afterwards.



John Q. Adams
Brand Manager | Red Hat
Brand Communications + Design
joadams redhat com

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