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Re: Fedora 9 in the press?

2008/5/13 Jonathan Roberts <jonrob fedoraproject org>:
> Let's put these here:
>  http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/PressArchive/F9
>  I haven't actually created the page yet because it's timing out. Might
>  be sensible to keep track of things in this thread until the release
>  activity dies down a bit.

Right, I've worked through yesterday's archive and populated that page
with the press stories. We should keep adding to these whenever Fedora
comes up in the news, and maybe start an F10 page now to follow
reports through development.

It might be a worthwhile exercise looking through these stories too,
and seeing which points they picked up on in the articles and how good
a job we did at sending out the messages we wanted. From a quick first
look, it seems like we did a good job! I think Paul's interviews
worked wonders and definitely managed to focus many of the articles :)

It also seems like everyone loved their free USB keys with many of the
articles focusing on this point.



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