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Re: Virtual FUDcon Proposal

2008/5/16 Markus McLaughlin <hudsonman35 gmail com>:
Hello to everyone who cares about Fedora!!!

I come to you with a proposal about how a "Virtual FUDcon" could be set up on a web site...
When a REAL Convention is happening in a city, a virtual extension takes place as well.
On my Linux Blog (http://linuxglobe.wordpress.com,) there is a example of what I will
describe is shown, made in GIMP.   A web site is set up with a live video feed, archived
video links, a ticker for alerts, and IRC-style chat rooms called "booths."  Please consider
using this "Virtual Convention" concept for FUDcon 2009 or any other
 Hi Markus,

The idea of having Virtual FUDcon is nice, but we should keep in mind that Middle East & Afircan fedora users might not be able to attend this, because of low internet bandwidth & high cost...i am afraid to say most part of these contenent might not be able to watch this real time vide steaming...in my opinion it would be better if we upload FUDcon recorded video, inclduing question n answers session, so if someone wants to check out later the event from his/her home, they can use these archived video...while fedora users mailing list is quite effective they can get answer easily anytime...


Mark McLaughlin

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Nayyar Ahmad
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