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Re: Fedora sign

Hi folks,

Paul W. Frields wrote:
The Red Hat Summit planning group is going to have an extra sign made up
for Fedora featuring some quotations from the excellent press coverage
we've been getting.  Kara is working on pulling some quotes for this

So here's another update. I got all the designs that were due today done. Here are the ones to label the conference rooms:

- preview: http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/collateral/fudcon-signage/fudcon-signs.png

- source:

- printer-ready:

And here's the large quote poster:

- preview:

- source:

I'm working on a sign for FUDpub now. (Paul Staffer's suggestion - good idea!) I figure we can print those full color on letter paper (or maybe I can get some thicker stuff that'll go thru the printers here) so we can have a lot of them.

Some lessons learned from this project:

- Scribus 1.3.4 in Fedora is suboptimal. Bleeds and eps/pdf transparency don't work in this version. mrdoc from #scribus on freenode has a Fedora repo that will let you install Scribus 1.3.5 which is much better:

- Apparently (I'm not 100% sure on this but I sure couldn't get it to work) EPS does not support transparency. At all. So I ended up using PDF 1.4 for the printer-ready artwork. Hopefully they'll be okay with that.

- Rendering bitmaps that are 56" x 48" from inkscape is DAMN SLOW. Also, it won't work at 300 dpi. I ended up doing 150 dpi. If I had the time, I would have 'tiled' the renders meaning I could have broken the image out into 4 chunks and rendered each individually at 300 dpi and stitched them together later. I didn't have the time though (and seeing how slowly working with the full 150dpi render in gimp on a machine with 2GB RAM, I'm not sure stitching together the 300 dpi tiles would have been very easy!) So I had the 150 dpi image render overnight. I used the inkscape command line to do this too so I knew it was still working. So if you need to do large-scale artwork like this and you want it to be blingy past Scribus' SVG capabilities, make sure you have at least one overnight to get renders done.

- Workflow & Colors: I'm not sure if the colors will come out right but we'll see. For the conference room signs, pretty much all the design work is done in Scribus, so I set the Fedora CMYK values in the color palette in the document. When I imported the FUDcon logo SVG artwork, Scribus lets you replace colors so I replaced the RGB colors with the correct CMYK colors. That was easy. The quotes poster's artwork is a lot more complicated and there is NO WAY scribus can import the SVG for that artwork, so I rendered it to bitmap and imported it into scribus, and set the documents target to be 'for printer' rather than 'for web/screen' and also set it to use color management. We'll see how it comes out!


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