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Re: Magazine article


if someone needs a german article for a magazine, I may be of help. I was a freelance writer for about 10 years.

cu romal

Paul W. Frields schrieb:
The opportunity's come up to have a contributor write for a Linux
newsstand publication -- an 8-9 page article covering installation and
simple beginning configuration for Fedora 9.  The article can contain
some screenshots of the kind normally found in these types of

This requires a person to *commit* to have the article ready by around
June 15th.  Kara and I will get you hooked up with the magazine
publishers for all the details, which are between you and the
publication's editors.

This is a great chance for someone to get involved with publicizing
Fedora 9 in a way that is guaranteed to reach thousands of readers.
Interested?  Get in touch with me or Kara offline.

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