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Virtual Linux Convention Suggestions for Requirements

I want to make this clear, I am NOT a programmer.  I only know how to design a framework in GIMP for HTML/CSS programmers to show what code would need to be filled in.  The example on my linux blog at linuxglobe.wordpress.com, shows what I had in mind as far as the high bandwidth.  The low bandwidth
option would eliminate the video and just use the audio.  I do agree with the Fedora programmers that OGG Theora is the best means for the video streaming/encoding.  As far as the audio streaming/encoding, I like to see two formats used : Vorbis and AAC (which is itunes friendly.)  The Low bandwidth option should be able to support animations for ADs for various Linux products.  Something similar to Flash is the best method.
The Chat Rooms would be based on either openJDK or IRC technology with the capability of adding small
avatar icons representing the folks who enter in the rooms.

The Virtual FUDcon would be hosted at FUDcon.fedoraproject.org and/or on a Joomla hosted site that's
FREE and Open Sourced.  I can provide some creative skills to such a project if other Programmers are
willing to "hear" me out.  If there were such a thing as a Open Sourced QuickTime VR archived video of
the Convention Hall, etc, that would be truly amazing technology to add.   I was thinking one way of
advertising these Virtual Conventions other than posting a little "AD" on linuxtoday.com or linuxformat.co.uk, etc., would be depending on the major sponsor to place small ADs on boston.com (Boston Globe,) nytimes.com, washingtonpost.com, msnbc.com, cnn.com, bbcnews.com, and trektoday.com.  More mainstream sites with a high tech or a special section would attract more people to want to learn about
a Linux OS and such matters.

I can be reached at linuxglobe.wordpress.com.

Have a good week!

Mark McLaughlin
Hudson, MA, USA

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