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Mission: Video blogging Fedora screencasts for use in Miro

Who's up to the challenge of creating an experimental rss feed for
Fedora tutorial screencasts in theora that we can use in miro out of
the box in Fedora 9?

I've been trying to find a spare machine at work to host this sort of
thing... but I've just utterly failed.  I was hoping to surprise
everyone with a workable demo that you could submit theora vids to for
me to host as a starting point for figuring out how to really deal
with open video content in a user accessible way.  I think miro is a
workable solution.  But I've failed to deliver.

So now I'm asking everyone on this list for help.

Can someone put together a simple rss feed with just a couple of
theora videos that miro understands as a channel?  It doesn't have to
be a huge hosting commitment. We don't need to start with a Broadcast
Machine implementation and use Miro's inherent ability to speak
torrent.  We should be able to demo a feed using video houses in
Fedora's people space.

Once we have that, we can figure out how best to host additional
screencast material as part of our Project communication strategy.  I
think doing torrents might make some sense, but we have to talk with
infrastructure concerning hosting space requirements.  And we'll have
to figure out how the access control model we want to use...well I
should say 'you' want to use. I'm very sure that the policy with
regard to editorial control of an official Fedora video feed should be
in the hands of the marketeers with input from docs and translators.

Once we have that, we can move on beyond screencasts into web camera
interviews and so on and so on.

So who's game. I really have to apologize for not having the time to
get a hosting instance together for videos as a starting point for a
full discussion.


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