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I want a virtual Fedora coffee table book and you are going to help me get it.

So, does anyone remember a book called "Love" where this photographer
found this cheap little plastic heart with the word Love on it and
decided to get a candid picture of as many 'interesting' people
holding that little chunk of plastic as they could.  The photographer
then compiled the pictures into a little coffee table book full of
these pictures and little stories concerning the meeting. A book I
repeatedly bought as a standard gift back when i was dating and V-day
rolled around.  But I digress....

I would really love, absolutely love, to see us compile a book like
that..filled with pictures of our contributors holding up a certain
trinket common plastic trinket which symbolized what our project
stands for.  Fill the book with pictures and short little testimonials
concerning that person and Fedora.

We'd have to decide on a trinket that people could easily get their hands on.

If we make it a physical traditional publication, we sell it and give
the profits to a charity. Or we can make it an at-cost on-demand
publication.  We could even hand them out as recognition awards.


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