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Re: I want a virtual Fedora coffee table book and you are going to help me get it.

2008/5/23 Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com>:
> What if we had a ceramic or something made of one of the blue speech
> balloons Mo Duffy designed?  The *point* of it would be to be *empty*.
> Because Fedora is waiting for you to write your own story -- to
> personalize the community or the distro in some way, to leave or make
> your mark as desired.

Could we fabricate these things for small cost so that ambassadors and
other individuals could easily obtain them?  We are too global to have
a single physical object being shipped around for this to scale.  I'd
say speech balloon on a coffee mug, but coffee mugs are somewhat

If we made it a game, the rules would be write one word in the speech
bubble in your native language that you think best matches the ideals
of the Fedora project.

-jef"my word would be cylon"spaleta

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