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Re: I want a virtual Fedora coffee table book and you are going to help me get it.

On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 12:46 PM, Russell Harrison <rtlm10 gmail com> wrote:
> I'd like to make it something that gets people always looking for (and
> thinking of) the core ideals.  Think of people at a monument somewhere
> pointing to (or gimping a bubble around) some of the words of a famous
> speech about freedom.  Is that a double ideal score?

I really don't want to encourage photo editting. I actually prefer raw
candids.  And I really want a common physical object...because a
common physical object is going to impose some general consistency on
how things are framed and takes much effort out of the eventual
editting down of the material into something like a book.  If you
encourage too much abstraction when you set up the parameters as to
what you ask for, then you going to make it much more likely to end up
with images you simply have to throw out for some reason.

You also need to realize that it might not actually be legal to take
pictures of things like sculptures in some circumstances and use them
in commercial ways without the owner or artist's permission. Knowing
what is allowed can be complicated, and I'd really not encourage that
sort of thing, and end up having to track down whether or not that
object in the image is something we can reproduce a likeness of
commercially. Totally not worth the pain.

If we do it.. the parameters need to be quite strict as to what we can
accept.  It needs to be reasonably framed (portrait framing we can
give guidance on that... none of that 200 ft away next to a panoramic
image stuff which focuses on the vista and not the people)
individuals or small groups...who expressly give consent to have their
images used under a CC license we prefer. It need to have a common
physical object that we are sure can be photographed because we picked
it.  And as little else as possible that is distinguishable in the
background that holds a risk of having its image protected for
commercial use.


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