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Re: Mission: Video blogging Fedora screencasts for use in Miro

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 10:28 PM, brendon <btoogood slingshot co nz> wrote:
> excellant idea Jeff, this would be good especially for people like
> myself who can't get to the FUDCon, and would like to see it and find
> out whats going on.

Don't get your hopes too high.  To get a lot of fudcon video up on a
feed, we are going to need a way to host long vids. The fedorapeople
space isn't going to work well for FUDCon session videos.

If we want to video FUDCon sessions we need to do the following:
First we need to test a Fedora specific miro feed with small videos...
which is what I'm focused on right now.
Then we need to test that feed using torrents for a couple of longer videos.
Then we need to see if we an make room on our torrent server for
FUDCon session videos from this year...this is what I'm not sure
Then we need people to record those videos and upload them to the
torrent server.

Actually... don't we have old FUDCon videos on the torrent server
right now? We could test a miro feed using those torrents as the
target url.

I'm not setting my hopes that high, if people can pull the resources
together to make it all happen..great!  But I'm not going to be
disappointed if we don't get all of that done this time around.  I'm
aiming for a series of shorter videos, that people can easily host on
the fedora people space. And I'd settle for people just getting
together in a room at FUDCon and organizing a plan to make a Fedora
branded miro channel a workable 'Feature' for F10.

-jef"FYI, conference rates are cheap in Alaska in the
Winter..something to think about for F10"spaleta

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