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Self-Introduction: Rafael Liu Santos

Hey all, my name is Rafael Liu Santos and I'm from Brasília, the Brazil capital. I'm a college student in Universidade de Brasília, third year (2 more to graduate!).

I've started using linux with Gentoo, since then I've tried Debian and Slackware before sticking with Fedora. I feel it's a great project and I'd like to contribute, at first evangelizing which doesn't need much expertise, but maybe later with something like some RPM package support. I'm a Java enthusiastic too, and I've been longing to engage in some open source initiative, which I really believe is a great idea.

Honestly my professional back ground is in Java, linux is something I love to do any spare time I have. Said that I don't have any certifications or this sorta things.. (I'm planning doing LPI next month, tho). Still I think I have some contribution to make, as my college have lots of students and our labs have linux and geeks there use linux at home and there are teachers supporting it. I think it's a great environment to spread Fedora.

Recently I saw some Ubuntu DVDs being distributed and Sun ambassadors have being talking about Open Solaris. Then I thought about all of that I've written you and asked my self why not to engage Fedora and spice things up there.

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