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Re: [Ambassadors] Re: store SIG?

Sandro red Mathys wrote:
On Mon, 27 Oct 2008, Max Spevack wrote:
IMHO, the Store SIG was a more interesting idea before we got to the
point where NA and EMEA ambassadors are both regionally self-sufficient
in producing all the things they need.

I think that's true for ambassadors producing the polos and swag they need
for events.

But we'd still need a store for people who want to buy some merchandise
over the internet. The online store can also offer more different products
(with different printings) than we can at an event (because we're
restricted in money to stock those things and in space to offer them at
the events).


Putting on my contributer hat (which I don't have, because there is no store), I don't want a store for ambassadors to get shirts, I'd like a store so /I/ can get shirts.

(Heck, I've even bought a OpenBSD shirt because they had a store and a nice logo. Open source shirts are a good thing.)

Where do I do that for Fedora today?

Our options are limited to going to events -- and not everyone can go to events. Lots more people use Fedora and cheap-advertising on people's backs (especially things we don't have to pay for) is a way to spread the message.


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