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Hi folks!

Here are some photos[1] I took during the  V Latinoware[2] - Free Software Latin-American Conference in Foz do Iguazu (Fos of Iguassu) conducted at the Itaipu Technological Park [4](PTI) aBrazilian government that encourages more use of FOSS in Brazil. IItaipu [3] is the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world sharing its production of energy with Paraguay and is a bi-national body This is the second largest event in Brazil after the FISL[5]. The event was a success and the Fedora Project had a strong focus with a lot of lectures and mini-courses toward advanced users and beginners in Linux.
I would like to thank the ambassadors of Argentina and Colombia to attend and share lessons.
I put some photos on the Flickr group Fedora Linux.



Jayme Ayres

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