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Re: Comments: IN DEPTH: Fedora 10 Preview

> Basically, Ubuntu X gets out just a little before Fedora X.
> Take the release notes for Ubuntu, they are mainly including « features
> » that count in the Fedora X features.
> Who gets the credit ? The first one to communicate about them...
> We should really start communicating about the features very early in
> the process, as soon as they were accepted, even if we later have to
> tell « this feature could not be completed in time and is reported ».

This is something I've tried to work on many times, and in the past
when I've had more time had some success with.

It's the *entire* reason I started doing the developer interviews,
which btw prove to be very popular, frequently getting dugg or
slashdotted in the past with a bit of leg work. It's also the entire
reason I wrote to the editors of a load of magazines asking if there's
something we can do to make their lives a little easier when reporting
about Fedora. The editors were extremely appreciative, and many didn't
even know the feature list existed until I pointed it out to them.

I'd encourage anyone who cares about this issue to pick up some of
these ideas and go ahead and just do stuff, come up with other ideas
too, but actually do stuff. I have far less time these days, but will
keep working where I can do.


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