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RES: Comments: IN DEPTH: Fedora 10 Preview

It's hard listen some reviews because the authors take position about something. Let's take this video as an example, both authors doesn't like Fedora at all. Second, yes, the artwork is really amazing but Gnome doesn't impress. Why not show KDE desktop? this is something amazing.

Now, you are using an Preview release and complain about some error that you have with your DVD copy? Did you really check the DVD data or just skip and install?

With this release we can think about our distribution in desktops as the system says for himself, we don't really need to publish a lot. For servers and enterprise desktops, we should talk more about new features.

For example, I don't see nothing about KVM or virtualization solutions. In events in Brazil, all users are asking questions about this. Can I use Fedora as a server? Which solution do I have to virtualize my systems? Can I use Fedora to do this?

We should concentrate our efforts to publish these technologies too. In the next Brazil Fedora Magazine, I wrote the Fedora 10 Review, and almost 50% of the article is about these new features. This must me showed. How? This is something that we should think about.

My 0,05 cents.

Rodrigo de Oliveira Menezes
Fedora Ambassador
Embaixador do Projeto Fedora

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On Mon, 2008-11-10 at 08:37 +0000, Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> > Basically, Ubuntu X gets out just a little before Fedora X.
> >
> > Take the release notes for Ubuntu, they are mainly including « 
> > features » that count in the Fedora X features.
> >
> > Who gets the credit ? The first one to communicate about them...
> >
> > We should really start communicating about the features very early 
> > in the process, as soon as they were accepted, even if we later have 
> > to tell « this feature could not be completed in time and is reported ».

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