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Re: Comments: IN DEPTH: Fedora 10 Preview

> The feature list definitely *has* improved uptake from journalists, I
> can tell you from personal experience talking to them.

I didn't say it hadn't. What I was saying is that when I contacted
editors this time six months ago, the ones I spoke with didn't know it
existed. I think it's a superb tool, but it's hardly much use if we
don't tell anybody about it. My point was that we need to take more
concrete actions that are visible to everyone. It's great having a
feature list, and it's great having a marketing plan, but in what ways
do these documents encourage and help people from the community to
actively market releases? From my point of view, it seems like there's
very little support for community marketing activities... (discounting
the ambassadors project, who I think do a great job and seem to
receive plenty of support).

>And that's why
> we've linked it prominently in all the press issued in RHM and on the
> Red Hat press blog for our other pre-releases (Alpha, Beta, Preview).

I'm glad, and hopefully this will help it to become even more
widespread. (NB, it kind of erks me still that this kind of thing is
being put solely on Red Hat properties. Don't get me wrong, I
understand and appreciate the help that Red Hat provides, but in terms
of branding, I think it would be extremely valuable if Fedora had it's
own space for these things.)

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