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Re: Comments: IN DEPTH: Fedora 10 Preview

> If "features" and "first" are hurting because of where we are in the
> calendar compared to the Ubuntu release, allowing them the chance to release
> their new distro first and to receive a lot of credit for new features when
> reviewers and press don't understand where the upstream work is being done
> (in Fedora, for example), then Fedora Marketing should ask the Fedora Board
> to think about altering our "May Day" and "Halloween" release targets by a
> little bit, so that Fedora's cycle finishes before Ubuntu's.

I don't know that this is necessary. I think in the last two release
cycles (8 & 9) we made significant progress in tackling this, and
looking around comments etc from the time, people were starting to
recognise that Fedora was *the* distribution* for innovation. We just
need to be more proactive in our shouting about features, much earlier
in the release cycle (e.g. as soon as features start getting approved
by FESCo, become vaguely testable).

Saying that, I don't think it would hurt to release at a seperate time
to Ubuntu, as we're never going to compete with an end-user orientated
distribution in various media outlets (even more technical ones give
far less precedence to development than they do businesss


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