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Re: Comments: IN DEPTH: Fedora 10 Preview

2008/11/10 Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com>:
> On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 02:14:14PM +0000, Jonathan Roberts wrote:
>> > The feature list definitely *has* improved uptake from journalists, I
>> > can tell you from personal experience talking to them.
>> I didn't say it hadn't.
> I didn't take it that way, either. :-) I think we're in violent
> agreement.

>> What I was saying is that when I contacted editors this time six
>> months ago, the ones I spoke with didn't know it existed. I think
>> it's a superb tool, but it's hardly much use if we don't tell
>> anybody about it. My point was that we need to take more concrete
>> actions that are visible to everyone. It's great having a feature
>> list, and it's great having a marketing plan, but in what ways do
>> these documents encourage and help people from the community to
>> actively market releases? From my point of view, it seems like
>> there's very little support for community marketing
>> activities... (discounting the ambassadors project, who I think do a
>> great job and seem to receive plenty of support).
> I'm going to be in RDU later this week and will brainstorm with some
> of the Marketing people on whom I can get my hands there.  (Why
> internal?  In this case it may be necessary to get them to do a little
> more external participation.)
> In the context of making a new Fedora release:
> * What are the definite actions we can take to market Fedora and its
>  features better?
>  * Alerts to specific venues and aggregators?

Yes, I think Rahul even talked about automating this somehow, though
I'm not sure.
>  * Add stories and links to personal blogs?

Not sure what you mean here?
>  * Watch and reply to stories around release day?

Definitely. Is good to try and catch misconceptions early.
> When should we do those things?  In other words, a schedule and an SOP
> that is similar to the way some of the community technical groups like
> Infrastructure work.

I proposed this around 4 months ago:


It's a draft of a time based schedule for Marketing that makes
suggestions for what activities we should be engaged in at different
parts of a release cycle, also suggesting different areas of the
project we'd like to highlight at different times, as Fedora isn't
just about the distribution. (obv)

I sent it to the list for discussion, as I know all of the suggested
content and time frames aren't realistic/need fleshing out. Still
waiting for feedback :p

> I didn't mean to imply in any way that marketing should solely be on
> Red Hat properties

I know you didn't, what I was saying is that this is something we
really need to work towards fixing. It's something I've tried to fix
pushing for a Fedora Magazine project, but failed quite miserably at
so far.

> think the schedule of concrete tasks should
> include a variety of venues on which we can get our message out.  That
> should include any Fedora properties like the Fedora magazine site,
> and also leverage the already existing draw of channels like Red Hat's
> press blog.



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