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Re: Comments: IN DEPTH: Fedora 10 Preview

2008/11/10 Max Spevack <mspevack redhat com>:
> If "features" and "first" are hurting because of where we are in the
> calendar compared to the Ubuntu release, allowing them the chance to release
> their new distro first and to receive a lot of credit for new features when
> reviewers and press don't understand where the upstream work is being done
> (in Fedora, for example), then Fedora Marketing should ask the Fedora Board
> to think about altering our "May Day" and "Halloween" release targets by a
> little bit, so that Fedora's cycle finishes before Ubuntu's.

I don't know that I agree here.  From a marketing perspective that
would make since.  The problem comes in where quality is concerned.
Ubuntu 8.04 was criticized by many for releasing to early.  I
personally think they release a touch to close to the Gnome release
dates.  I think if we took that testing / integration buffer out its
possible we could let some of the quality of our releases go as well.

One interesting side effect I've noticed about the efforts to
highlight the excellent work of our contributors is that it seems
Canonical seems to be feeling the heat a little more over their lack
of upstream contributions.  I've noticed them mentioning more about
how they're are / are going to contribute more to upstream projects.
It can only be a good thing if they start giving back a bit more.
More importantly is the fact that they seem to be acknowledging the
shortfall.  What is it they say about admitting you have a problem?...


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