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Event Planning Brazil-TO


I work as an instructor in SENAC Network Linux, and I am working with the implementation of some solutions for free here.
* National System of Learning Program (SENAC) has committed to the development of individuals and organizations to the world of work, promoting educational activities and dissemination of knowledge.
Every year is an event held between May / March called "Week of Work", this event is a series of workshops in the areas concerned by SENAC and if it includes the IT.
The idea that I suggested, very well accepted, was to create spins (nothing official) for several specific areas, for example, for an office, one for home users, to support, for the development, for those working with infrastructure and so on. And using these spins hold such workshops, one for each spin, and all this with Fedora.
I am here looking for suggestions and even help finding a material needed to mount such workshops, and in addition will also set a theme for conducting a lecture, and would be great if it was something related to Fedora.
I count on the help of you to concentrate a bank of ideas to achieve that with this event and increase the number of users of Fedora.


Luiz Augusto Machado

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