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Hi folks,

So I promised I'd send you a photo of the physical proof I received from
the printing company (MaverickLabel.com) for the stickers. There were
actually some issues with it (and the proof wasn't actually sample
stickers, just the stickers printed out on-size on some nice paper for
color comparison so the photo wouldn't have been super awesome anyway.)
I've been through a few rounds with the printing company to correct
various issues and I just received a digital proof from them that I'm
pretty happy with. I've attached it for you to see.

The colors are PMS-2935 and PMS-541. The pink lines show where the die
cuts will be made and thus how the stickers can be peeled off the sheet.
The proof is scaled pretty small: the sheet is actually going to be
roughly 8'x 10' so there's plenty of space to write in the 'write your
own' sticker bubbles.

If we approve it by COB 11/24 I'll receive them by 12/02 which is in
plenty of time for FUDcon Boston in January.

Does this look good? If you see any errors or issues let me know and
I'll have them fixed, otherwise I'd like to send to send them my
approval ASAP.

Thanks :)


JPEG image

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