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Self-Introduction: Guido Sanchidrian

my name is Guido Sanchidrian, I am originally German, but currently I
live in Madrid, Spain.

I am working at Symantec in my current role as Principal Product
Marketing Manager for the EMEA region. In my role, I am responsible for
“Go-To-Market” activities and planning for Symantec's enterprise
security, IT risk management, IT policy compliance and security
management product line in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Since my early days working in the IT industry - I started 23 years ago
- my major interest was and is around IT Security issues, threat
landscape evolutions and appropriate countermeasures, strategies,
standards and best practices.

I started from a technical background, worked in Technical Presales
positions and Product Management and since a couple of years in Product
Marketing. So to speak, I have always my sales-head, technical-head and
marketing-head on to balance and judge the next steps and ideas.

Due to my current role in IT Compliance and Security Management (I am
also Lead Auditor for ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security Management
Systems), I strongly believe that Open Source can contribute a huge
value to meet standards and frameworks such as ISO 27001, COBIT, PCI or
ITIL. I see RedHat Enterprise and Fedora in particular as an accurate
platforms to align the business to IT, host appropriate IT control
assessments and workflow.

I think that Fedora has strong potential to contribute security on
intellectual property, personal identity and data protection for
individuals as well as for enterprises, public / education sector and
non-profit organisations.

I think, that Fedora (and all other free Linux distributions) is
currently not perceived as a strong contributor to these kinds of
security matters. In times of unsure economic climate and many reports
about data loss issues, some very well targeted marketing mix activities
could surely raise the perception of Fedora as a solid, professional and
trusted platform for security management and IT compliance issues.

Therefore I would like to start a discussion about these topics in
particular, and I would be very glad to contribute my product marketing
experiences for a "go-to-market" strategy and activity planning to
position Fedora as a strong solution platform for IT Governance, Risk
and Compliance Management.



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