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Upgrading to the newest Fedora release


Details out upgrading manually, using cd/dvd, using fedora-release and yum, preupgrade. A fairly complete reference


"Once a release is available, you can run PreUpgrade at any time by entering the command preupgrade as root (in Fedora 10 and later, you will be able to start the program directly from PackageKit, the default software installer). PreUpgrade is a wizard that steps you through the necessary upgrade steps. Your only input to the wizard is to select the distribution to which to upgrade, and click the Apply and Forward buttons to move through the wizard. PreUpgrade downloads the packages needed by the upgrade, and you can continue to work until you are ready to reboot and finish the process.

Using PreUpgrade is probably the easiest way to upgrade, and from the traffic on the Fedora user list, it's probably the one that most people plan to use on Fedora 10."


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