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what is fedora?

After reading a lot of pressreleases and surfing around reading papers in magazines about fedora, I keep wondering what is Fedora? And specifically what is fedora to the general pulic! Don't get me wrong, I've known linux since before RedHat was born, and been a fedora user since early pre fc1. Why do I raise this question then? Well the tought that occurs to me is: is fedora a community driven project or is it a Redhat EL playground. Today it is both.... But when you read pressreleases and info about fedora in the papers, fedora do not stand on its own. Many magazines writes similair to: "Fedora is the test version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux" and to me that has the sound of a product in development or in beta. Then there are magazines that occationally get it right and talks about a community driven project, and the next thing that occurs is you read a copyright notice. When installing F10 you get a "Copyright © 2003-2008 RedHat, Inc. and others. All rights reserved." Well there is the 'others' part... but it do not have the sound of community, well others.... I'm not writing this as an against RH thing, if it hadn't been for RH, 'the linux os' wouldn't progressed to what it is today. I'm writing this because I think it is not entirely clear what fedora is to the general public. This is important to gain ground, to get the message out that fedora is not a testbed product, but a product that incorporates new leading edge features.

Am I compleatly wrong or have anyone of you been asking the question, what is fedora?

btw, F10 is king!


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