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Re: what is fedora?

This is an important notice, and a very effective point of view. But when it comes to debates and hot conversation regarding whether fedora is the testing playground for Redhat Ent. or not, it becomes a weak point I guess. But after all, nothing is truly free and to be honest fedora is one of the most stable releases among open source Linux bases operating system. Therefore, I usually tend to insure focusing on this point, "testing playground", and finish its discussion before I go into explaining more about fedora's features.

On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 1:04 PM, Anton Arapov <aarapov fedoraproject org> wrote:
On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 12:56:59PM +0100, Jonas Karlsson wrote:
> After reading a lot of pressreleases and surfing around reading papers
> in magazines about fedora, I keep wondering what is Fedora? And
> specifically what is fedora to the general pulic! Don't get me wrong,
> I've known linux since before RedHat was born, and been a fedora user
> since early pre fc1. Why do I raise this question then? Well the tought
> that occurs to me is: is fedora a community driven project or is it a
> Redhat EL playground. Today it is both.... But when you read
> pressreleases and info about fedora in the papers, fedora do not stand
> on its own. Many magazines writes similair to: "Fedora is the test
> version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux" and to me that has the sound of a
> product in development or in beta. Then there are magazines that
> occationally get it right and talks about a community driven project,
> and the next thing that occurs is you read a copyright notice. When
> installing F10 you get a "Copyright © 2003-2008 RedHat, Inc. and others.
> All rights reserved." Well there is the 'others' part... but it do not
> have the sound of community, well others.... I'm not writing this as an
> against RH thing, if it hadn't been for RH, 'the linux os' wouldn't
> progressed to what it is today. I'm writing this because I think it is
> not entirely clear what fedora is to the general public. This is
> important to gain ground, to get the message out that fedora is not a
> testbed product, but a product that incorporates new leading edge
> features.
> Am I compleatly wrong or have anyone of you been asking the question,
> what is fedora?

Fedora is the way how Red Hat contribute to Open Source and Community.

-- Anton

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