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Re: Getting out the vote for the Fedora 10 election season

On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 8:58 AM, Jonathan Roberts
> Would be a cool idea so that people could review when they're voting.
> As well as that, I'd suggest we could use the normal system I've used
> in the past for interviews: a wiki page with bold for questions and
> normal for answers, tagged with names at the beginning of each line.
> We could publish questions/answers over a few days/weeks to drum up
> further interest.

We could probably accomplish that by extracting questions and answers
from the voting application functionality that Nigel wants to put in
place and repackaging them in whatever formats make sense as part of a
get out the vote effort.  We drive votes to the voting app to ask
questions, we drive candidates to the voting app to answer questions,
then we cull and re-broadcast via other mediums.

>> IRC Debate:
>> Another idea floating around is organizing a candidate debate for each
>> election.  I can't take credit for this idea.  It should be doable. My
>> main concerning is how to generate the questions/topics for a debate
>> format.  This loops to my personal focus on trying to find a way
>> generate questions from the community for candidates to answer.   If
>> you've got an idea on how to run a candidate debate for any of the
>> elections, feel free to chime in.
> The panel/moderator/audience model would probably be a good one to
> follow, something similar to the monthly board meetings? I nominate
> Max to moderate as he does a pretty good job already!

If we do it that way, I'm going to be a sneaky bastard and delibrately
pre-seed the audience with people to make sure there are at least a
few questions to ask.  Or make sure the moderator has some to ask.  My
fear is, a town hall, would be filled with crickets instead of
questions for the candidates.


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