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Re: "Fedora Remix" etymology

On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 10:09 AM, Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com> wrote:
> Can we resurrect those images and re-task them to for the new
> trademark campaign as well as providing visual hints of the pedigree
> of thought dating back to F7?

Replying to myself.

Can we use these previous items as a jumping off point to talk about
the updated trademark policy?

First Max's message about LiveCDs in the F7 time frame.
Lot's of references to "remixing" tools in there.
Is the functionality that Max is talking about right there
specifically outline the reasoning to update the trademark policy?

Can we get Greg to re-voice a second video in this series?
Last Image in Video: "Fedora 7 Remixed Remixable"
Greg in the video: "Take Fedora and turn it into any distro they need
it to be...with trivial amount of work"

Here's how I'd say it:

Hey guys, sorry it took us a year..but we've re-written our trademark
policy to align with the remixing tools and ideas we introduced back
in Fedora 7.

Sure we talked a lot of about the power of remixing:
We even made an uncharacterictly creative attempt at it:
And yes, we tried to describe the tools:

But we missed something...our trademark policy.  Technology
innovations moves stupefyingly fast around here, and our trademark
policy wasn't keeping up.

What we said for Fedora 7 is still true, we've got the remixing tools
in place so anyone, anywhere can take Fedora and make a version that
works best for them with a trivial amount of work.

What the new trademark policy does is make it easier for people who
want to, to associate their remixes with our project.  From a
technical point of view, its a minor thing.   But from a community
point of view it might mean a lot, with the trademark change we've
made the project more inclusive and given a way for different remix
efforts a way to associated with each other as group of peer efforts
and as part of a larger Fedora project community.  Because the people
behind these remixes are Fedora contributors. Hopefully the trademark
policy changes make it as trivial for them to say that, as the
remixing tools we introduced in F7 make it as trivial for them to be.


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