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Re: Getting out the vote for the Fedora 10 election season

Paul W. Frields wrote:
Oisin, Pascal, Max, et al.: Would you be interested in running a
special issue of Fedora Weekly News -- or simply devoting a regularly
scheduled issue -- to reporting on IRC chat interviews/Q&A with
community members running for elections?

It seems like everyone, including the Board, is in favor of a general
election where FESCo, the Board, etc. will run their elections
concurrently sometime with 30 days after release of Fedora 10.  To
give the community a better idea of where nominees stand, the
Marketing group will have a method for gathering questions and posing
them to the nominees.  If FWN were to report those answers they could
potentially reach a lot more people, thus resulting in a more informed

This seems like a great idea to me, and a nice way for FWN to help spread the word on getting more community involvement in the election!

One suggestion might be to include these as they come in, in regular FWN issues, and then put together a special issue of all of these together, along with any other additional content y'all feel would be useful, closer to the election, perhaps at the beginning of the voting period. Other suggestions most welcome!

  - pascal

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