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What can WE in Boston DO for Fedora 10?!

What can I do to reach out to the folks in the Boston/Hudson, MA and tell them about Fedora 10?!

Which Linux Group in Boston who uses/discusses Fedora/RHEL can I reach about doing something 
GRAND for Fedora 10?!

I downloaded the Omega 10 distro and I decided to have that as my MAIN OS instead of Fedora
only because of the Livna compatibility...

I'm thinking of purchasing a cheap external 80gb hard drive and have ALL of the Linux Distros
on it for me and I hope others to test out for my linux blog...

I still want to publish a National Printed Linux Magazine geared not just to IT folks but for
EVERYONE else as well!  I have older copies of Linux Format from the UK, I am using
that as my "template" for what I hope to publish...

I want to hook up with other Writers who want to take the Linux plunge with me and who are willing
to discuss their experiences with me.  Hopefully this will pave the way toward the Magazine!

Any help at all is APPRECIATED!!!

Have a GREAT Launch next month!!!

Markus McLaughlin
Hudson, MA, USA

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