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Re: Wikipidia - Goodbye Red Hat and Fedora


Luis Felipe Marzagao/Yahoo escreveu:
> I think Fedora is great distro, which is why I´m involved with it (of
> course...).
> But sometimes it's *really* disappointing to see how people in Fedora
> always seem to resit changes... So what there's RHEL and CentOS? So what
> the Fedora purpose is to be a "lab"?!
> Why can´t it be changed?
> If Fedora nevers changes, it will always be a system for geeks only,
> which I think is only good for... geeks! But terrible for the rest of
> the world and even for Fedora. The less people using Fedora means less
> support to it, the less search for it and, thus, the overcoming of other
> distros...
> The mentioned slogan is smart and beautiful, but does not hide the fact
> that Fedora is still far away in terms of publicity and support than
> other distros...
> -- duli
> Andrea Modesto Rossi escreveu:
>> On Ven, 10 Ottobre 2008 4:27 pm, Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira wrote:
>>> because is impossible to migrate every year to other Fedora Release.
>>> With the short time support is impossible to work and use Fedora.
>> I don't understand the problem...for LTS there is RHEL ;-)
>> I Like this slogan:
>> <<"Fedora is the best of today, RHEL is the best of the following seven
>> years">>.
>> Best Regards,
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Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira
M.Sc. Student - COPPE/UFRJ
Fedora Community Manager - Latin America

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