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Re: Wikipidia - Goodbye Red Hat and Fedora

> Mathieu Bridon (bochecha) escreveu:
>> Or maybe you didn't really understand the goal of the Fedora Project.
>> Once again, Fedora is not about conquering the desktop / server market.
>> It's about developping / building / creating / innovating /
>> revolutionning
>> the future of the desktop / server FOSS products.
> And why it cannot be changed???? What prevents us from arguing about
> changes???? Is there a immutable law that Fedora stays that way? I
> thougt the whole thing was about freedom (including the freedom of
> change...)

Well, When managing a project, you have to have a specific goal. If it's
too broad, you'll never manage to attain it as you have limited man power.

I'm sure it can be changed, but how many people are willing to do it ? Why
didn't you join the Fedora Legacy project before it died ? That actually
was the LTS you're expecting.

Now if you want it, just recreate it. No one will ever blame you for doing
it and everyone might encourage you in doing so. But unless you have a lot
of people contributing, you'll never succeed.

And as most of the Fedora contributors are technophiles wanting to have
always bleeding edge technologies improving at a very fast rate (which is
exactly the goal of the Fedora Project), I doubt you'll find a lot of
people wanting to help (but I might be speaking too much for others here

Anyway, good luck in reopening the Fedora Legacy project, that would be a
really good initiative (even if I will personally never use it).


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