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Re: Wikipidia - Goodbye Red Hat and Fedora

On Fri, 10 Oct 2008 12:52:11 -0300, Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira
<rodrigopadula projetofedora org> wrote:
> Yes, but we can BE BETTER, only adding more 1 year of updates to the
> packages!! With this improvement on the project the number of
> users/collaborators will increase!!
> It's good for fedora, for red hat, for US... for the FOSS world!
> Fedora is a good distro and can be much better!
> This is the way!

I think that we all agree on this point, an infinite support would be even
better :p I just doubt that people in the fedora project are willing to
maintain 4 releases, some people already don't maintain their packages for
the n-1 release now. I'm not arguing against you, in an ideal world it
would be great. I'm just being realistic.

The real and simple answer to this LTS problem would be for RedHat to offer
RHEL workstation for free (yes, the killed product), without support. The
maintenance effort has already been made for RHEL and you are not losing
any customers IMO. "Serious" businesses pay their subscriptions and the
others already use CentOS.


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