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Re: Wikipidia - Goodbye Red Hat and Fedora

2008/10/10 Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira <rodrigopadula projetofedora org>:
> Hello Guys!
> Read this bad news:
> http://www.linuxworld.com.au/index.php/id;1474805050;fp;16;fpid;1
> This is happening frequently. I think we will have to revise some things
> within the project, particularly the creation of a Legacy project or a
> Fedora LTS.
> The brazilian government, one of the biggest Fedora Case of the world is
> changing from Fedora/ Red Hat to Ubuntu/Debian.
> We need to think and create a solution to give support by a long time or
> the fedora user will decrease!
> My 0,02
> --
> Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira
> M.Sc. Student - COPPE/UFRJ
> Fedora Community Manager - Latin America
> http://www.proyectofedora.org

I think this is one of the thousands of BIG issues that are affecting
Wikipedia (google the news to see something of them), not a Fedora

Personally I trust more NASA, the Roadrunner (the 1st supercomputer)
and all the professional and home users that are trusting fedora and
all the universe around it.

I personally think it could be a little damage in the Marketing side
(just because Wi*ipedia is a known brand), but I think all the people
around Fedora could stop the proliferation of such "odd" news just
explaining what we are doing and where we are going.

I often see the sentence"Fedora lead, never follow", I think it's a
self explained one and there isn't the necessity to be feared by a
really stupid speculation.

We are the leaders and we are the most innovative/community oriented
project, more than something someone is still calling an


Francesco Ugolini

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