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Re: Wikipidia - Goodbye Red Hat and Fedora

I have read a couple of news regarding this topic. I found clear leave
RHEL favouring a free distro. I was crystal clear to me using only one
distro makes things easy. What I fail to find in the news is a
technical reason to drop all RHEL and make standar Fedora, as they
should be good at with the past experience. In the several emails that
I have been reading in this topics found out that yearly updates may
be a burden. But that is not in any news that I have read. Long term
support may be a god thing, but I may argue that it was not the only
thing that came into play for this change.

I only regret knowing the fact that Wikipedia is/was using Fedora
until they have decided to switch as I may have been bored all my
acquaintances with it. As I have been telling everybody that Facebook
host a Fedora mirror but not ubuntu. (Are they using Fedora??) I think
the big lost is not have follow up to those flashy big project to help
them keep up Fedora. Telling that Roadrunner runs Fedora, make most
people think of cartoons.

Anyway, I appreciate that Fedora is the cutting edge. I am technically
challenged, so I will not develop anything, and mostly I stare amazed
the thing that Fedora brings to FOSS community. It seems elitist and I
feel a bit excluded if Fedora is really a distro for geeks. What I
mean if leading is what Fedora is all about, the marketing team and
fedora ambassadors should focus on gather and recruit leading
technical people and not trying to get everyday people.

I agree that it will be good to broad the range of Fedora users and if
long term support is an issue maybe has to be deal. Or try to simplify
more upgrades (something that is already easy). The bigger the
community, more ideas and more hand to have support.

But this is just my opinion.

Best regards!

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