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Re: Wikipidia - Goodbye Red Hat and Fedora


	I'm relatively new, and I have been only using fedora for about 4
years. All these years I have used fedora, I had fun. In the beginning I
was excited a new version released every 6 months. I moved into systems
administration and realized the need of a very stable system. Recent
months, I have so wanted a very stable release of fedora, one I could
rely my server with. I know there is CentOS and RHEL but they are not

	I would rather see the fedora logo on the system than the shadowman or
a centos logo. I now use a fedora 8 on one of the servers and CentOS and
RHEL on the others but I personally would love to see all of them being
a Fedora. 

	Its just an idea, what about having a long term support for just the
even releases or a yearly release of an official fedora spin just
catering to servers.


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