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Re: Wikipidia - Goodbye Red Hat and Fedora

Rahul, Steven, Stephen: thanks for the constructive points you have made. Much better than asking what he or she is doing... Things are clearer to me. Again, I'm sorry if I'm incisive. I already spread the Fedora word at my region and I'm always looking on some ways to improve it. My intentions are the best.

Rahul Sundaram escreveu:
Luis Felipe Marzagao/Yahoo wrote:
Yes, it´s pretty clear... Of course we can do whatever we want.... If I want to open the "Space Monkeys Fedora" project I could.. But that´s not the point here.

You will have to call it something else otherwise it would be a trademark violation ;-)

We are talking about wheter or not the Fedora board is willing to sponsor this idea.

Fedora Board does not have the ability to command volunteers. People do the work involved and then ask Fedora Board to endorse an existing effort. That's how existing sub projects has done. That's how Fedora Legacy did it as well. The point is that you have to demonstrate that there are people involved who are willing to put in the effort required to maintain a release for a longer period of time.


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