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Re: Opening RHM/news.fp.o

2008/10/12 Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org>:
> Jonathan Roberts wrote:
>> It's taking a *long* time (and as I point out in the draft post, this
>> isn't any one person's fault), and from the point of view of
>> facilitating testing and getting experience of running something like
>> this, I think making a start and getting on with the job in hand is
>> probably the best next step. It will encourage other people to join
>> and start making their contributions, and we can always migrate it to
>> Fedora Infrastructure when it becomes available (thanks to WordPress
>> respecting users' data and making it easy to export), in fact I want
>> to do this.
> Ok. How does the workflow look like though? Do you share the same password
> with many editors or you want to act as a gateway by asking people to mail
> you the content?

WordPress.com is basically MU, so we can use virtually the same
workflow that we'd use on a Fedora hosted solution. People who want to
contribute will need a WordPress.com account, and then they can be
added in any number of different roles such as editor, author,
contributor etc.

I'd rather not act as a single gateway as that's a sure fire way to
kill a project like this, I'm going to get busier over the next few
months and relying on just me to post content would be a big mistake!
> Will news.fedoraproject.org redirect to this blog?

Hadn't considered it actually. Not convinced it's necessary at the
moment, but maybe it's a good idea.


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