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Re: Opening RHM/news.fp.o

Updated introductory text below:


What's This All About?

It's long been an ambition of many within the marketing team to
establish a site along the lines of Red Hat Magazine, but one that's
dedicated to content that's related to and created by the Fedora
community. We've been working with various members of the
infrastructure team, aiming to get a solution hosted on Fedora's own
servers, but as a result of their humanity and our inability to
arrange any serious testing, we've never made it past test
installations of various incarnations of WordPress. No more! We've set
up this WordPress.com blog so that anybody who's interested in helping
can develop a good work flow and start creating content that is of a
consistently high quality.

This doesn't mean that we'll never move to using Fedora's own
infrastructure, just that now we have somewhere to start that
particular concern no longer needs to limit us: the move to Fedora's
infrastructure can happen when it happens.

What Can We Expect?

Over the past few months there have been lots of different ideas
thrown around about what kind of content we might want to post to a
Fedora Magazine, and we'll probably see a lot of experimentation with
different formulas over the next few months too, but the picture I
post here is how we're going to start.

Our primary content will be structured around the days of the week,
with each one having a theme:

    * Mondays: Fedora Weekly News - your chance to catch up on
Fedora's mailing lists and blogs from all across the community.
    * Tuesdays: Developer Interview - find out what exciting features
Fedora developers are working on for the next release.
    * Wednesdays: Hints & Tips - discover lots of little ways to get
more out of your system, tackling common annoyances as well as cool
    * Thursdays: Fedora Weekly Webcomic - take an alternative look at
Fedora goings-on with Nicu's webcomic.
    * Fridays: Contributor Guides - want to start contributing to
Fedora but don't know how; look here.

Hopefully this content will form the core of what we'll do. Much of it
is already being regularly produced from a number of community
members, helping us to get off to a running start! It may be that not
all of it will be in place from the very beginning, but hopefully over
the next few weeks things will develop nicely.

Around this core there will be extra posts from time to time, covering
all sorts from release announcements, to editorial content to tutorial
series. We hope that readers will enjoy what we produce, and hopefully
become contributors themselves at some point.

How Do I Become A Contributor?

We will make more details available about how to get involved with
this project over the coming days, as we figure out for ourselves how
we want to add new contributors and decide what to post outside of the
core content described above. If you'd like to help hash out these
details, join us on the fedora-marketing-list where these discussions
are happening.

The most likely outcome is that it will be a combination of email
submissions for one-time contributions, and adding as a blog member
for those who wish to be a more permanent part of the project. The
latter will probably take advantage of WordPress's roles feature, with
a combination of editor and contributor roles used for the majority of
users based upon interests, reputation and open spaces.



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