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Fedora Magazine

Right, well, I guess we should start a new thread about the magazine
blog I've just started.

I've posted the introductory post already shared on this list, as well
as added Rahul and Paul as Admin users. Tomorrow I intend to repost
Fedora Weekly News on it, and will try and follow the core content
I've laid out over the rest of the week.

I hope everyone is satisfied with things so far. This is very much a
public test, but I want to create the best content we can and having
it public is probably a good motivator for that.

Next steps:

Figure out guidelines for:

* Adding new contributors to the blog. What criteria do we want to
have for adding people as a) contributors, b) editors, c)
administrators. I guess an informal system of sponsorship, where
admins are equivalent to package sponsors.

* How do we decide when content is ready to be posted? For FWN etc,
this is obvious as others take care of it for us. Besides that, I'd
argue that it should be reviewed by at least one other editor.



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