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Re: Opening RHM/news.fp.o

> I see you included my webcomic in this schedule, I wonder if this is
> supposed to involve some changes, like an editorial review, me being less
> silly or poking less fun at Ubuntu?
> Or just be trying to be more disciplined and have it always ready one day in
> advance?

Should have been clearer about this I guess:

everything I've included in the schedule is either content that will
need to be created as original material, or like your webcomic is
under an open license. For the latter, I didn't intend to ask for any
changes to the material, just to make use of what is already available
to us in the best possible way.

If you'd like, however, I hope that through this project we might be
able to establish the team and resources that we could help out with
some kind of editorial review. Like I've been saying however, this is
very much a test, it is very open to change and tweaking, whether to
accommodate us or creators of content, so feedback is most welcome :)

I hope this is OK?


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