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Re: FM & FWN

2008/10/14 Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro>:
> Jonathan Roberts wrote:
>> Secondly, and this is where I'd like feedback, FWN was not reformatted
>> at all from the wiki. While WordPress did a great job at converting
>> all of the existing formatting, I'd like to know if people would
>> prefer it in any other formats. This could include anything from
>> header styles, page breaks, inline links... the list goes on.
> Well, if you ask about the layout, I have a few complaints about the general
> layout:
> - I think I could read better the text with a slightly larger font;
> - the center column is to narrow and hard to read (about 420px, meaning
> about 11 cm on my 43.5 cm wide display);
> - you have a "blogroll" sidebox with a link to fp.o. I think blogroll is
> more like a list of blogs, so either leave its name as "blogroll" and link
> there to blogs (planet fedora, red hat magazine, etc.) or rename it to
> "links" and leave the fp.o link in place (very useful to have). Or maybe
> have both boxes?
> - I know this require some (a lot of?) work, but I would like to see FM
> using a theme close the theme used on the other Fedora websites.

The comments you've made here are very true. I actually have a
wordpress fedora theme, but you can't apply custom themes on
wordpress.com blogs without paying. As this is a test, maybe I should
add a beta tag somewhere, I don't think I'll get that applied (plus
I'm short on cash!).

As for the font and too narrow center column, I'll switch to a
different theme that should help.

Also, agreed with the blogroll comments and I'll fix that now, while
publishing this post.
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