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Re: FM & FWN

Hi Jonathan --

Its great to see this up -- kudos! I am cc'ing the fedora-news-list here as well, so they can also provide feedback. Responders: please include both fedora-news-list and fedora-marketing-list in your responses, to keep everyone in the discussion.

FWN tends to be a bit long, so if there is a way we could automate building a pseudo table of contents like the wiki does, that would be a great help. If this is not easy to do, if we could somehow distinguish one beat from another, this would help break it up, perhaps adding a <HR> at the end of each section, preceeding the next beat. Along these lines, I might suggest that we widen the text area column, which will reduce the length of the page, or select a theme that utilizes more of the screen.

It looks like in some of the references, a tab has been inserted, moving over the URL to the right? We can check to see if this is coming from the source or if it is being introduced in the conversion, but this should be corrected, as it looks sloppy. I think it is a paragraph rule where the URL exceeds the first line length, since all of the URLs on the page exhibiting this have longer URLs.

Thanks again, Jonathan!  Its exciting to see this coming together!

  - pascal

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
Having just republished FWN 147 on FM, I now intend to put up this
post containing some notes and request for feedback on how we're
approaching it. Trying to keep in line with some of my own suggestions
about what we should post outside of the core content, I'm pasting the
content here to give people a chance to comment before I post it.

Obviously we'll need a more long term solution, but thoughts and
feedback welcome :) I'll probably give it until lunchtime here,
(GMT+1) before I go ahead and hit publish.


Having just republished issue 147 of Fedora Weekly News here on Fedora
Magazine, I want to take the chance to provide some notes about how
we're approaching this, as well as to ask for some feedback.

Firstly, FWN has its own category here, 'Fedora Weekly News', and as
such has its own feed. This means that all those who've been waiting
for a FWN feed to subscribe to can now point their feed readers at:


Although this feed address will change if/when we move to Fedora's
infrastructure, I don't anticipate this happening for a while and I
will be sure to make it very clear when it does.

Secondly, and this is where I'd like feedback, FWN was not reformatted
at all from the wiki. While WordPress did a great job at converting
all of the existing formatting, I'd like to know if people would
prefer it in any other formats. This could include anything from
header styles, page breaks, inline links... the list goes on.

So, let us know what you think about how we're approaching the
republication of FWN by leaving a comment to this post.

Pascal V. Calarco, MLIS
Head, Library Systems
University of Notre Dame/
Michiana Academic Library Consortium
Notre Dame, IN USA 46556

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