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Re: [Fwd: Re: F10 artwork questions]

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
There are two problems:
- schedule: even if the selection of the release name was moved near to the
development cycle start trying to help the Art team, it still was quite
- for F9 we really tried such a tie, integrating sulphur crystals in the
graphics, but the feed-back was negative so we took it down at the last
minute. You can't link a good theme with any name (Cambridge is also tough
from this point of view - use a stylised version of the university? a
science lab? - not many options).

I suppose reversing it and doing the artwork first and basing the name
of that isn't an option because of the legal problems it would cause?

That is one reason and the another is that basing the release name on the graphic theme would effectively make the Art team to dictate the release name.

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