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Re: wikipedia goodbye redhat and fedora

My question is: how will RH look upon a Fedora LTS distribution, that upgrades correctly and easy when next LTS release is out. This will most likely eat a part of the RHEL userbase. Will it even be possible for the Fedora community to publish an LTS considering the above?


Rex Dieter wrote:
Frank Murphy wrote:

On Fri, 2008-10-17 at 17:25 +0530, Arnav Kalra wrote:
why don't we have a long release (even no.) released every year which
has support for 2 more long releases. scrap odd no. releases for
fortnightly test releases like opensolaris.
Basically there's no interest in it.
I would say your flogging a dead horse.

There's interest alright, though it's unclear at the moment whether that interest will develop into any *work* being done by those interested.  Either way, probably not all that relevant for *this* list. :)

-- Rex

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