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Re: Fedora upgrades and LTS

Jonas Karlsson wrote:
What I never seen in the Fedora updates (within a release) are major release upgrades of packages. Example: Openoffice.org is releasing v3, but that will never make it into the updates of F9, (might be wrong here!) to get upgrades like this, one has to manually install it or switch to F10.

Incorrect. Fedora releases *do* get major revisions as updates. Kernel releases or even major KDE versions have gone into updates for an existing release. We don't push everything as updates however.

Why even have releases... F8, F9 F10 etc.. I guess freezes are good for making new install media. But shouldn't updates/upgrades be sufficient. And sometimes on the time line functionallity changes will be part of that updates/upgrades, called mailestones. Wouldn't this be the ultimate LTS distro? (It would almost be as an neverending stable version of rawhide)

Never ending "stable version of rawhide" is just not possible. If all major versions are pushed as updates into existing releases, Fedora releases will become just like rawhide ... with the associated fun *and* instability.


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