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KPackageKit interview



"As we have seen from our current series on package management tools, the wide variety of options for managing software in distributions can be confusing at times. Isn't there a way of unifying the various utilities under one one set of commands that would work on all the different Linux systems? PackageKit, developed by Fedora, is trying to do just that. Here is a nice interview with the developers of KPackageKit, a graphical front-end to PackageKit. So what exactly is it and how does it work? "PackageKit is an abstraction layer above several package managers (YUM, APT, Conary...). It hence defines a standard interface to interact with the package manager on any system, and allows deeper integration with the desktop. PackageKit is a daemon started on demand via dbus, all the commands to the daemon are also passed via dbus, which makes it platform independent. The actions are controlled by PolicyKit, which allows to define precisely the rights of each user. Historically, PackageKit was shipped with a glib-based abstraction library, and a GTK+ front-end."


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