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statistics about marketing list users?

Interested to know if there is any statistics about hwo you all are here on the marketing list. If the majority are developers or if there is a mix including people that do not write code.

historically speaking developers are good at creating new development models, cool features, new and innovative stuff and be the cowboys on the frontline. One thing that developers has been better and better at over the years is human interaction, this is still an area that it is good to have outsiders for (the grandma example) To not only drive the technical frontline but also the usability.

This is still the Linux world so I'd guess the majority are developers and the developers are the rulers, judges and executioners. They are the ones to write and merge the code, to decide which idéas go where. So my question about statistics is about that, to know if there are many people not writing code that actually have any influence about what goes where.

anyone more than me interested in this statistics?


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