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Re: statistics about marketing list users?

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Jonas Karlsson wrote:

This is still the Linux world so I'd guess the majority are developers and the developers are the rulers, judges and executioners. They are the ones to write and merge the code, to decide which idéas go where. So my question about statistics is about that, to know if there are many people not writing code that actually have any influence about what goes where.

So the people writing documentation, translating, packaging, working on the website or creating graphics are developers or not? If someone do such stuff and write some code only once in a while, is he developer or not?

Good point, documentation and graphics are part of the development process, but they are human interaction designers and artists. But if that person also write "code" once in a while that person is a developer. A non developer never writes code, only do art, text, project managment and whatever there is thats not writing code.

anyone more than me interested in this statistics?

I am more curious on how are you intending to count people for such stats.

You are way ahead of me there, I was still asking about if this has been done!


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