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Re: Developers vs Grandmas

 I agree 100% too, but we can do one of the two options:

First, ask to upstream change this options to improve the life of
end-users or change this options in Fedora.

2008/10/24 "Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" <johannbg hi is>:
> Luis Felipe Marzagao wrote:
>> Exactly! It's clear it's not in the project objective to alter upstream
>> software. And in fact I agree it shouldn't be!
>> The trouble is the end-user doesn't even know what upstream means. In
>> fact, I think the end-user won't even want to know what it means, as long as
>> the system is running fine. For him, Fedora is an operating system. And the
>> GNOME example is very good for this matter. There are somethings that don't
>> imply altering the core of upstream projects in order to make the "out of
>> the box" user experience more happy :)
>> A single line, for example, could improve the user experience when
>> entering GNOME on Fedora:
>> gconftool-2 -s -t bool /apps/nautilus/preferences/always_use_browser true
>> Bingo! A single line (maybe with some other adjustments) in any rc.local
>> file or any other place specifically designded by Fedora Project should make
>> the end-user experience a lot better. And it does not require any upstream
>> intervention or any opinion change by GNOME upstream team. And is very
>> simple to maintain. And that's it, the end-user would enter Fedora for the
>> first time and would not complain about a zilion windows opening every time
>> he clicks on a folder.
>> It's just an example, but my point is there are small things that makes
>> the user experience better and does not require huge changes on coding. I
>> think this is the kind of problem Fedora Project should pay attention to, as
>> you adequately put.
> I agree 100% here.
> There are bunch of little things we could do to make Fedora more user
> friendly to the end-user.
> ( Actually basing on my own experience with end-users Gnome has begun going
> backwards on usability
> it has become so simple that is hard to use. End users expect certain
> options, buttons to be there along
> with hints if uncertain of how to do things )
> Gather faq statistics from the Fedora forum and #fedora channel and address
> those issues.
> ( if possible ).
> It also has to be realized that developers are end-users too and if Fedora
> does not make
> good enough first impression to them, how can the project expect them to get
> involved?
> Best regards
>                  Johann B.
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